Update, and, How You Can Help Save The Hill

Hope you are enjoyed this Holiday season!

Planning Commissioner foolishly allowed this development to go to Council.  They did this last time, last time it was Council that listened to us!

Thank you all that showed up to that meeting, we hear that the large number of us was indeed noticed by the City!

We are now meeting with City Council members – to discuss our concerns as to the flaws with this proposed development on The Hill.

We are also working on several other items in our efforts to Save The Hill… 

The proposed development will NOT go to Council vote on January 14th, not sure yet when it will – will let you know (once we know) the actual date.

In the meantime, would you could help spread the word about this harmful development?  Please contact us for a informative flyer, to hand out to your neighbors, friends, and family. 

Maybe the most important effort is to have a HUGE turn out at the Council meeting, to show the City how very many of us have SO MANY issues with the proposed development.  So, please watch for that critical meeting date!!!

Many thanks for your help and support!

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Help us Save the Hill on December 4th!

Join us in opposition to the proposed development on December 4th;  Planning Commission has set a public meeting for the Garaventa HIll development on:

Tues, 12/4 at 7:30 p.m. at the City Council Chambers, 3575 Pacific Ave, Livermore.  

We’ve been able to stop this development before, with your help, we can do it again! 
The current proposed plan includes some of the neighborhoods’ requested changes, however the plan is still riddled with flaws.
Say No! to this development by attending the 12/4 meeting, also have your concerns heard by emailing your written comments to Planning Commission at Planning@cityoflivermore.net.
Your attendance counts!  Looking forward to seeing a big turnout on December 4th.
livermore council chambers - Google Search

Council Chambers, 3575 Pacific Ave, Livermore

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Oct. 2018:  Lafferty has resubmitted revised plans to City Planning Dept.   The City and our group are reviewing these plans – Lafferty fixed their grading errors, but, didn’t fix several other errors.

Know that this proposed development is NOT a ‘Done Deal’.  In fact, now is the time for us to tell the City about all flaws of this proposed development!

If Planning Dept. finds the project ‘barely acceptable’, then this proposed project may go to Planning Commission in November, then Council in December.

  • You Can Make A Difference: As an election year, you public opinion may sway votes. Please show up to these meetings!  You do not need to speak, but your attendance counts!
    • One reason previous attempts at this development were voted down by the City was due to so many neighbors showing up at the meeting – you count!


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9/18 Meeting is Delayed!!!

We just spoke to the planning department, they told us that the planning commission meeting to vote on this project is delayed!

Excellent news!!!

The city says the delay is because they found an error in the developer’s grading plans. So they sent the plans back to the developer, told them to fix their plans.
The City will send out another blue postcard/email notice for when the new date will be. Definitely not Sept and likely not October, due to Council elections.

Thanks to you all that sent in questions, wanted to help, and/or simply offered encouragement!

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Critical Meeting on 9/18 !

You can make a difference – please attend the Planning Commission meeting:

Sept. 18th, 7:30pm, at 3575 Pacific Ave. (at the City Council Chambers)

The developer will approach the Commissioners on the 18th, to try to get approval on their development.  It is imperative that we attend this meeting, to show them how very many of us want to keep The Hill as Open Space!!!

Watch for flyers in our neighborhood with more info…

Thanks to the many of you that have already reached out to help us fight against this development!

The vast majority of our community desperately wants to keep The Hill as Open Space.  Our community is very, very concerned that The Hill may be lost to development, which will ruin it forever.

Please do join us on Sept. 18th!

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Developer hastily pushing flawed development

The developer, Lafferty, is hoping to push slightly revised plans, and a ‘reissued’ EIR through City Planning, then go to Planning Commission on 9/18.

18 concerned citizens attended last night’s ‘Neighborhood Meeting’, we asked lots of questions, the City and/or the developer’s rep answers most of them.

The developer has made a few slight modifications to the plans, but the fact that they are trying to shove 44 homes on a very environmentally sensitive and logistically difficult site remains.

The Save the Hill group has already identified several technical flaws with the revised project, will have to ‘educate’ the City of them.

The developer rep tried to explain away the many 5′ and 4′ high retaining walls proposed for the site, the reality is these walls will be an eyesore.

Retaining wall with tagging.

The biologist gave her explanation on how they will ‘passively relocate’ any threatened or endangered wildlife, the reality is often wildlife that is relocated dies.

Special status species, Burrowing Owl.

California Tiger Salamander found at the Bluffs.

For 7 years we have professionally and politely explained to the City why this development is not a good fit for this site.  While we thank the City for involving the public on this proposed development, we still find so many flaws in the development, seems they should have found these errors too…

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Our group’s progress – an update

First and foremost, we have been getting a lot of interest and support from our community to Save The Hill – Thank You wonderful people!!!

Since we learned that Lafferty resubmitted plans to the City’s Planning Department, back in December 2017, we have progressed on some promising possible solutions to keep The Hill as permanent open space:

  • Identifying possible funds to buy The Hill
  • Identifying possible future owners that would preserve The Hill as Open Space in perpetuity.
  • Looking at an Initiative to preserve The Hill as well as other hills and knolls here in Livermore, CA.
  • Assembling a list of the many flaws present in the developer’s plans, to alert the City as to the  errors in the current set of plans.
  • Coordinating with the City for a neighborhood meeting regarding the proposed housing development plans for The Hill.
  • And a few other promising approaches to keep The Hill as Open Space…

A group of us meet to work on these hopeful solutions.  Should you want to join one of our meetings, or learn more, please contact us at:


Also, see the North Livermore neighborhood’s NextDoor.com posts and replies for the community’s extreme interest in saving The Hill from development.

photo showing impacts of grading for development on hillside

Hillside construction impacts

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